Our Services


  • VR & AR Design for the Metaverse

  • Designing NFT Artwork

  • Unique Brand Experiences

  • Digital Item Design

  • 10K NFT Collection

  • 2D & 3D Art


  • Token Development

  • Blockchain Development

  • Converting digital assets into tokens

  • Smart Contracts

  • Marketplace development & publishing

  • Custom Smart Contract Development

  • Smart Contract Auditing

  • Metaverse Development

  • Coin and DAO contract stack development


  • Helping Brands Adopt Web 3.0

  • Creating marketing strategies with web3 component

  • Building roadmaps covering every stage from design to launch

  • Building a roadmap for NFT Collection

  • Defining a royalty strategy

  • Planing a launch and go-to-community strategy


  • Community Building & User Acquisition

  • Metaverse & NFT Advertising

  • Growth Hacking

  • Paid Ads

  • Shilling

  • NFT Marketing


  • Social Media Management

  • Discord Community Management

Our Work

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Meme NFT

We sold India’s First Ever Meme NFT for 1 Eth(INR 4 Lacs at the time). We Partnered with Vaibhhav Vohra aka the Mature Bag Gu and Sold the Origin of the famous mature bag meme of 2019 for 1 ETH. All the marketing was done single handled by our founder without any external help.

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Art Creation, Development

The Professional you in metaverse Metakins is creating a metaverse that will act as Linkedin of Web3. Elite NFT Studio is creating art and smart contracts for this unique Project

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Calix Crocs
Art Creation, Development

Calix Crocs is the Genesis collection by Calix Labs. Sold out in a day.

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Art Creation, Development

SCRIBBLES is the first ever Elite Originals collection by Elite NFT Studio. The collectors will play a very important role in the journey of our studio and will be rewarded for their contribution.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs also known as Non Fungible Tokens. These are tokens that are minted on blockchains that can represent anything ( art, image, video, etc) It helps to prove the authenticity of the digital asset.

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a word that can be referred to any digital space where humans can interact with each other and have same fun as they do in real life without leaving comfort of their house. Metaverse can be a game or a combination of games, social platform that uses AR and VR technology. Metaverses were also possible bin web2 space but blockchain technology adds various lavers like defi, privacy, etc

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